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Thanks to the internet you can consult an incalculable number of sports bets. But, as with everything, you should not always trust and blindly follow a prognosticator. Both of Scum messed. it that on other sites, many sports bettors give predictions. They can do this in a totally disinterested or in exchange for a potential reward. For punters it is never easy to know if you have to follow this or that prognosticator.

Know first that no prediction is worth a bet more than 10% of your capital. Regardless of the quality of the predictor, we must always be careful and never consider that he holds the truth. In sport it is impossible to predict 100% secure, whatever the sport. To assess whether a prediction is good you have to consider several factors.

First informed of the forecaster. 's the best in Soccer or Tennis? It is active? He has made ??good game in the past? Never trust the members who presume to know everything. There are many internet users who tell any lie just to show off. If you do not have any evidence on the history of a member, doubles caution.

In general, the community is expressed on the quality of a prediction. To quality, a prediction will not necessarily winning, but simply to present credible arguments. advantage of the debates for Fonda men tare your opinion. The best bets are those which result from a series of arguments / counter-arguments. Reading the opinions of everyone, you can build your own opinion on the matter. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the forecaster. Ask him why he thinks that a team will win, when you know that its best players are suspended for the match.

The best sources are local. If a member of the Croatian explains why a team of his country win against another, listen carefully to what he says. Some information may be impossible to know if you do not live in the country. If a member with a beautiful championship in the history of his country gives you important information (players injured, suspended, out of shape, etc.) Listen to them carefully. Do not make the mistake of thinking that an argument of 50 lines worth more than 5 lines of argument. If a member of analyzes for one hour the compositions of each team to finish on a trend, it's okay. But if he says in 5 lines that the best players of the opposing team have spent the last night in disconnect, you have an indication that has far more value because you rely on a concrete, purely objective.