Playing Online Volleyball Game

The system Multi mesa (examples each week in our section and win a copy ) is very well known by punters since 2002, the year of creation of the system by Massimo world, which was transformed into reality thanks to the algorithm coined by Mallow. The basic system consists of an Excel spreadsheet, where thanks to a set of formulas and macros are unable to determine the exact amount to bet on a series of single bets.

There are two elements to be considered as the core of the system Multi mason chest Initial setting the maximum amount to be dedicated to the game and a succession of volleyball matches (which must not play at the same time) which is necessary to determine the number of events that you think / believe they can guess. The method initially set by the world and has suffered in Mason years of adjustments and improvements that led to the system Mason deluxe, with which it is possible to vary the races and the number of events on which to focus (the first version was designed for sequences of up to 6 races.) Let us go into specifics and understand how to set the system Multi maillot.

The starting point of the system, therefore, is to determine the amount that we can devote to the succession (egg 100 €) and eventually lose in the event of a negative outcome of the match. In fact, the system offers increased profitability of the units, but the price to pay is the total loss of cash if you do not meet the minimum requirements that you decide to set.

After you have established your budget, the second step is crucial for the choice of races to bet on. Care must be taken to select the match that you do not have to play at the same time. Set the total number of races that were chosen for the system, we must also determine the number of matches that you think you can predict exactly (egg, settling and 6 match the total number of events expected in the number of 3). In addition to the games must obviously be known even the odds, otherwise the system will not be operational.

At this point the algorithm comes into play and excel table. In the box provided you insert the figure that has been established as the maximum amount that you are willing to lose (our budgeted € 100). In the right boxes dedicated to meetings insert chosen in chronological order all the required details such as race, the time, the prediction chosen and especially the share of the bookmaker reference with which it was decided to bet. The share is the hub of the system. In the appropriate box to insert the reference number of results that we guess.