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The platform Belfair will most likely be among the first to propose the bookmakers betting exchanges in Italy . To make possible this enterprise is the advancement of the process of legalization of this game system imported from the Anglo-Saxon world: Economy Minister Victoria Gallic signed the decree that regulates the Italian version of the betting exchange , and after a transition to the Court of Accounts will be published in the Official.

Summing up by the end of this year - if not before - you can also play the role of counter betting online . Not only that but I lay bet, therefore, predicting that a particular event will not occur. In this way you create a market among users who provide shares with its cover and users that link.

Each will therefore serve as the punter or bookmaker , but because such a system to function well it must be to achieve a balance between the two parties. Many hoped that was approved a European liquidity to allow players to exchange bets across the continent, but was eventually established a geographic limit and the Italian betting exchange is activated only on a national scald.

The end result is a percentage of the amounts of the bets exchanged between users that may not exceed 10%. Sites like Belfair that will offer to Italian citizens the tip and the bank will have tax obligations in Italy and will be required to comply with the provisions of the final legislative text.

The operation of the platforms of the betting exchanges more series is already known abroad because this mode of gambling has existed for several years. Who is a candidate to bookmaker sets the maximum amount you are willing to use for the betting system you want to combine, this figure is locked in advance and is a guarantee of any winnings to bettors. The treatment itself takes place on the other side to ensure the ' eventual payment of banc ante . For the rest of the two types of users have at their disposal a wide range of betting options and information on the market shares that orient to play the amount frozen. it is easy to distinguish the good from the bad predictions, but always remember that in the end you are confirming your bet. If it will be lost, so it is your fault, because you bet on a betting site with knowledge of the facts. Needless to insult him, so why not have anything to do with your error.