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The online game is always safer and more reliable: since July 7 is in fact the entry into force of new legislation that provides for the control of all personal data on the part of the State Monopoly. To ensure greater safety and protection for children in the digital game, the legislation provides for the control of all personal data from AIMS and the consequent blocking all the same invalid. Mercury-win, reference operator in the field of games, entertainment and sports betting , and 'adapted to the new legislation successfully passed all the technical and functional checks required by the State Monopoly.

Mercury-win also makes available to its customers the new Service Center at the number 59 99 02.66 80 (the cost of the service complies with the tariff plan defined by your service provider both landline and mobile) of qualified staff is available to answer any questions and request. Active from Monday to Saturday from 08.00 to 20.00 and on Sundays and holidays during the week from 8.00 to 15.00.

And to keep up to date on all sporting events worldwide, Mercer-win has made available a newsletter service. A simple registration you will automatically receive the newsletter sporty, also through SMS, give due notice of all sporting events.

In this way you can be better informed to choose the units that are considered the most interesting and the most exciting events for your sports betting . The skill of the players is also rewarded by Mercury-win with the bonus of dedicated, multi-events played in multiple allow you to increase your winnings up to double the dose.

Mercury-win offers daily live program date and complete with a rich program that covers all major sporting events: football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, horse riding, cycling, rugby and many more. And for lovers of football, guaranteed fun with sports betting football related the event of the moment, the America's Cup has now reached the quarter-finals and that will give up to 24 July of true emotions. The Catalans are able to overcome the defense of Manchester. As soon as you notice that the physiognomy of the meeting changes, you decide to bet on the next goal or the draw. The odds offered by the bookmaker is very interesting because when you place the bet, Barcelona is a disadvantage but still has time to equalize or to cash in on the doubling of Manchester.