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Welcome to our page dedicated to the comparators shares . After having gone through all the different terms associated with sports betting , now is the time to best use all the tricks that will help you get the most out of your bets.

What are the odds of comparators sites: A comparison of units at your disposal is a tool that allows you to bet more effectively on a meeting and maximize your winnings . Basically and very simply, the odds comparator compares the odds of different bookmakers (Unbent, Paddy Power, Sporting bet) for the same event, so you can find the highest share.

Find the bookmaker offering the best odds for the three possible outcomes (1 X 2). In this way you will win more than if you had bet on another bookmaker but with a lower rate. The competition is always for the benefit of the gambler. Have an overview of the quotas for each of the possible outcomes (1X2) and then choose which result also bet on the share appears to be more interesting.

Quickly find and quickly the best odds for your bet, without having to visit the bookmaker to which you are subscribed. The time savings becomes very obvious when you have decided which bets to place and you're looking for the best odds, so you can make the best deals. At a glance you can compare all the shares that interest you.

The odds comparator allows you to apply the technique to bet Sure Betting. The principle of Sure Betting to take advantage of the difference in odds between different bookmakers on the same event and no odds comparator becomes a difficult and costly as well as ineffective.

Thanks to the comparator can easily find your value bet . With immediate comparison is to find out whether a bookmaker has underestimated a result, providing a high proportion in relation to the probability that the event will occur.

As the supply of shares a fundamental parameter in the choice of bookmakers (as it is what makes you earn more money if they win), the odds comparator will highlight clearly which systematically bookmaker offers the best odds and can help you make the right choice.