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In this small guide on Sports book reserved for the more 'experienced bettors do light on some aspects of online betting that not everyone can be clear by highlighting certain types of bets Specials. The sure bet or Sure Bet allows you to safely make a profit betting on all results of a sports bet. For example, examining the 1X2 bet on football against in the sure bet will occur if the sum of the three combinations will be played less than the potential payoff must therefore have multiple accounts on multiple Betting Online Bookmakers to take advantage of a sure bet.

The Value Bet is a method based on the identification of betting odds from bookmakers poorly calculated on the sites of Sports book Betting Online A fee may be assessed poorly in several cases: a site of Italian Sports betting online can underestimate the possibility of winning a Spanish team that does not know, or may deliberately underestimate the chances of winning a foreign team against a team Italian publishing very high altitudes, to attract a greater number of foreign punters (knowing that the Italians are betting mainly on the victory of the national teams). Analyzing a football match if you believe that Milan has 80% chance to win against. Only risk is clearly to overestimate their chances of winning teams and see where value bet in reality do not exist.

Betting Systems consist of the combination of more ' Sports book also between different events in Es Sports Football Basketball and Volleyball Multiple Bets or more 'events in the same discipline. This type of bet is automatically lead to a Bets Bonus percentage by the British called Spread Betting that will increase the payout of our Sports Betting - Betting system of the Day

Betting virtual sporting events are fictional between two teams that in reality do not play against each other. The result of the virtual is determined by the number of goals scored by the team in their meeting which is then 'virtually' associated with the goals scored by the other team in their match. Play the virtual betting is fun because the software takes into account the different weights in the reality of the two teams, this type of bet is usually offered by online casinos. Through this particular form of sports betting all users have the opportunity to become real online bookmaker In practice it comes to betting among users. The online bookmaker in this case is limited to providing the sports betting platform and to make payments and withdrawals from the accounts of the game, all in exchange for a small percentage. The product sports betting Betting Exchange already available on many operators of sports betting. com will soon be available on the platforms Italian