Betting On Soccer Online

The betting exchange , also called peer-to-peer (P2P) is a betting market. The betting exchange allows you to purchase the shares offered by other users, or to sell your shares to other users. The betting exchange is an evolution in the concept of sports betting. Users do not bet more against the bookmaker but against other users of the community site.

The odds are on average between 10% and 20% higher than a conventional sports betting site as are the players themselves to fix the value of the market (with the balance between supply and demand) rather than the bookmaker directly . In addition, the performance of the units depends on the flow of money moved among the players.

BET FAIR was the first to offer this new type of bets and so far almost a monopoly on the market. In recent months, some new names are rising to the fore by offering a betting exchange, as Bets son and Beta. The websites of the betting exchanges retain a commission for the brokerage service provided as a percentage of the player's winnings. The commission varies between 2% and 5% depending on the site chosen, the amount bet, the bet types and level of seniority of your game account.

The odds are higher than on sports betting sites as sites of betting exchanges do not receive any commission on the shares. Their earnings are withheld, in reasonable rates, solely and exclusively on the winnings made by the players. It is no coincidence Bet fair means in English "fair bet".

The live betting , live betting also call or in-play allow you to make large profits on the betting exchanges since the supply and demand of shares evolves in real time and with a large liquidity (money moved). You have the ability to resell at a higher price than a bet previously purchased at a lower price, at a profit.

Most of the betting exchange sites are in English so you must be sure you understand the terminology and operation of the betting exchange . A mistake in formulating a quota can become very expensive in the situation of Lay , or when you step into the shoes of the bookmaker and you are selling a share.
The selection of multiple bets is very low. All the professionals of sports betting have already passed definitively to the betting exchanges , where they can earn more money through the best odds and with much more flexibility, with the ability to Lay .