Bet On Horse Racing

The man and the horses are, from the most remote times, united by a report based on the work, affection and passion, as the sport . You can watch the first horse races since the times of ancient Greece , amply testified by the paintings on vases and embroidery on fabrics. The racetracks were just great golf without any structure around. Will the Romans, in fact, to build structures to the races very similar to those of circuses.

To talk about Modern Horse Racing we have to go a few centuries, until the twelfth precisely where James I of England wanted to build the first ski, then tracing the lines . The horses were imported from the East, that seemed forged specimens for the ride.

The current rule was that of the "Forced Game", i.e., a distance of nearly 6,500 meters, had to win twice for the same test. We are in the second half of the sample 700 and the most celebrated of all time was a young horse, Eclipse , so named because he was born during the eclipse of 1764.

The type of horse races , as we know it today, was established around 1860, when it began to play races with fairly regular intervals throughout Europe, in the colonies, in the United States. As for the ' Italy , the first race was regulated to Florence in 1827 . Since the nineteenth century, the Italians are the best trotters. How can we forget the champion Verne famous all over the world?

Betting on horses is not exactly easy , especially if you do not have the slightest idea how to work the techniques of betting and, above all, the different types of bets you can make . The PIP are totalistic betting , that is, all bets are added to all bettors a certain event (race). From this sum of odds, that is deducted for the State, that is, a fee under the terms of the law, the remainder will be divided among all the players who have made a winning bet .

First, though, you have to know how much you can bet, then minimum and maximum bet . The skill base is 1 euro, despite what the minimum bet at the tote should be two euro so that the ticket is issued, then actually you will have to spend a minimum of 2 Euros . In the following paragraphs will deepen the discourse dealing with some advanced techniques and talking about the most reliable bookmakers with their welcome bonus.